Friday, December 24, 2010

*Beginning to grow up.

Hye everybody!
Start from here, I will write this blog like as my journal.
Like my diary but no to more personal. Because here I just list about my schedule, 
my program for my studying. 
you want to know my personal? 
just skype me and ask me more and more ya. haha
If you want to stalker me, type google, and then! type: or just click here to the link.

You can see the image above? That I am.
Tak termuntahkan? Tq!
Btw, here I will introduce my self little bit.

My name is Hamizah.Just call me Miezah. My dad name you want to know too?
haisshh! banyak songeh. ok! alright! Let me know to you.
Full name: Hamizah Bt. Halim
Short name: Miezah or commercial name is gades.
Where come from: Bangladesh. eh!gimmick je. I'm from Taiping, Perak.

Maybe that all.
  How is the Hanis zalikha can type all day long?
But si Hanis nie is a great girl. 20 years old, but already there is a record.
that the blogger ke6 be research with google in world.
bapak ahh. hebat nye hang Hanis!

hah! one more think: nota kaki wangi.
i'm are stalker!
It just hard to to read because the teacher said people who succeeded because of hard to read. Therefore, hard to read this blog? will be wise? do not to be smart? must want it? want to read it? do not want?? so do not want to be smart la nie? will not succeed follows is not wise not blaim me okeh!

list of the blog: rajin2 stalker blog orang lain ye.
kakak ynaa hot!

thanks for waiting and reading!