Friday, January 21, 2011

*talk loudly miezah.

When i go to Miss Baiti classes at 7 Disember 2010.
I learn some news. First words I hear from miss Baiti is:
'E'  'P'  'S'

and first word i say.
what u mean miss?
we in the class more exciterd to know what is that..

E - Ethos
P - Pathos
S - Logos

E-P-S is related if u write a application latter.

*Relationship between reader and writer.
*Format- Opening, Body and Closing.
*The permaname  of the latter is somesort of a record an artifact.

that all. fuuhhh. we be cool now.
thanks Miss Baiti.

*what is ZES 1243?

For your information:
I have a cute lecturer. Her name is Miss Baiti. 
Her teaching me for Technical English subject.
Her is nice person.
This blog is one of part to I pass that subject and I was to learn more in the class and update the information what i get in class room.

Btw, I saw this blog same like journal.
You want to know more about what's that ZES 1243?
ok learn, learn ok. haha
I explain now.

Subject: Technical English 2.
Code: ZES 1243
Credit Hour: 3 (3+0) = 3

Assessment & evaluation: Coursework 30%
Test 1: 15%
Test 2: 15%
Final Exam: 40%

Ok, that all.
So, now u know right? about what that ZES 1243