Wednesday, March 2, 2011

*I'm are superwomen!

First of all, I want tell you guy  that I’m not really good in writing English which is I’m a broken grammar user..hehe..but, I will try my best..
Starting class, Miss Baitee gave some exercise for us to do it..

1st task is about 5 things that I’m doing
Before go to class..First, I woke up and take my shower..  after that I put on my clothes and eat my breakfast..then I walk with my friends to class..

2nd task is doing lots of assignment for example:
name the movie that I like the most and write about it in 4 sentences why I like the movie so much..
And I’m doing  a movie called  “Repunzel” which is a cartoon comedy movie..The story was so funny, it’s all about the little girl with magic hair. He was hidnap by one women.

The best part of this week's class was our superhero name and describing the ability
I’m choosing a Superhero called Flash Woman..that was my best character ever..Flash women like to help people in trouble and give a new life to many people..Flash Woman is the fastest doing all kind of things in this world..she also like to take a lot of picture’s..
Taking picture is her hobbies since primary school..and now that is her side income during her free time..

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