Wednesday, March 2, 2011



The Dog Runs at the playground
     Siti Walk on the street
        Siti Writes a letter
This is active

Active voice is when the subject of a sentences perform the action
Object is usually a direct object
It is vivid and clear in getting the message across
Its is more economical

Subject + Verb + Object

Active : Siti writes a letter / was writing a letter
Passive : A letter is written by siti / a letter was being written siti

Was writing 
was written 

( a letter ,tense,past tense or past )

Its happen when the the subject in the sentences is no longer active (acting)
It means that the subject is no longer performing the action.Its is acted upon.
The object is indirect object.

Active-Formed Letter

Active Formal Document
Passive-Creative Writing
            -Longer Writing Politicians
            -Formal Speeches

Rita was a letter using a pen

A letter written by Rita Using a pen/Using A pen by Rita - 2 person Answer
For this Lesson Miss Baiti give us an Exercises :)

Change these sentences into passive voices
1.Nadal kicked the ball to his team mates
-The ball was kicked by Nadal to his team mates.

2.My mother passes the keys to mother my father
-The keys are passes by my mother to my father

3.My maid serves a glass of milk to my brother
-A glass of milk has been server by my maid to my brother.

4.He is photocopiying the file for his boss
-The file has been photocopied by him

5.My cat loves to eat cookies and ice cream.
-Cookies and ice-cream my cat favaourite.

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